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About Top End Terrazzo

Top End Terrazzo specializes in the installation of terrazzo floors and industrial coatings as terrazzo contractors.

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Find out if Top End Terrazzo terrazzo offerings are right for you and your project. You’ll learn about what makes terrazzo the ideal choice as an industrial/commercial flooring solution and what separates Top End Terrazzo from the competition regarding: consulting, installation and maintenance.

Terrazzo is an environmentally-friendly, and incredibly durable, floor surface that can be used to create beautiful and flexible designs that last.

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About Our Staff, Certifications and Offerings

Our work crews are skilled craftsmen and are qualified to deliver to you a job well done. Our crews are well supervised and two-way radio equipped to reach any field supervisor or estimator if the need arises.


Top End Terrazzo is a member of the National Terrazzo and Mosaic Association, fully licensed and insured to perform in the state of California, Arizona, Nevada, Washington, Oregon and Texas. Our expertise is called for when it comes to installing our systems in hospitals, schools, showrooms, airports, labs, chemical rooms, industrial floors, etc.

As terrazzo contractors, Top End Terrazzo installs either epoxy or cement based terrazzo, and colors vary depending on your designs and preference. Our epoxy terrazzo consists of the use of high-grade epoxies, blended with either marble, glass, or plastic chips, then poured over the existing concrete or wood floor. After a short cure period, we grind the epoxy floor until the marble or glass is exposed. We then polish the floor with our high speed polishers. The floor is finished with a high gloss sealer, and then waxed to a beautiful luster. Our cement based terrazzo follows the same installation steps as the epoxy terrazzo, integrating the use of cement instead of epoxy.

The most intricate designs and floor patterns can be instilled in either an epoxy or cement terrazzo floor. Cement terrazzo is poured 1/2 inch thick, whereas epoxy terrazzo can be as thin as 1/4 inch. It is imperative in cement terrazzo to use some type of divider strip. Epoxy terrazzo can be installed without any divider strip. Our divider strips are manufactured out of either bright brass zinc, or aluminum. The width of the divider strip varies from 1/16 to 1/4 depending on design and preference.

As our name implies, we are at the top end of our field when it comes to the installation of terrazzo floors. We pride ourselves in pleasing our client. Top End Terrazzo always puts health, safety, satisfaction, and cleanliness first, and only expect the best from its staff. Our aim is to always keep our client happy and satisfied with our performance. Please give Top End Terrazzo a call with any questions or for a quote on your next project. Presentations can also be arranged. Contact information can be found on our contact page.

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