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Terrazzo, safe and sterile flooring for medical facilities

Tile, bricks, and other floor types with bumpy joints that can make it very uncomfortable for patients in pain while on gurney and wheelchair.

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These joints can also make navigating difficult when using walkers and canes. The seamless characteristics of terrazzo will guarantee a smooth and quiet ride for patients. Both cement and epoxy terrazzo are ideal solutions for maintaining a healthy building. Unlike tile grout or carpet, terrazzo does not support microbial growth nor does it allow moisture to accumulate which will greatly contribute to a mold free environment.

Additionally, terrazzo is comprised of zero VOC materials, and exhibits little to no off-gassing over the life of the cured floor. This floor needs only be cleaned with an environmentally friendly, neutral ph cleanser, which will not irritate sensitive eyes or noses.

Fowler Medical Center – Fresno, CA
Hospitals & Medical Facilities, Terrazzo Fresno

UCLA Oncology Building
Hospitals & Medical Facilities, Terrazzo Los Angeles

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